Art Specifications

GENERAL INFORMATION: For jobs where your company information is printed in one color, image files must be line art (all black and white with no shading). If job is more than one ink color, we may still be abble to use it. You can send your file to us for review.

FILE FORMAT: We accept most common file formats, but AI (CS3 or below), EPS, TIFF, and PDF are preferred. We cannot use CorelDraw or MS Publisher files. MS Word files can be used for text, but image quality is usually not good enough. If you have a Word file, please send us the image file you placed into the Word document. JPEG and GIF files can sometimes be used, but many times they are not suitable.

RESOLUTION: For most items the preferred resolution is 600 to 1200 dpi. For very small imprints - like on a pen - 1200 dpi is much better. For printing on paper, 300 dpi will sometimes be OK.

IF YOU DON'T HAVE GOOD IMAGE FILE: Send us whatever you have. We may be able to fix it at no charge, or, if it is not simple to fix, we use an art service that can make it good quality for a resonable cost (usually $30).